5 ways to save money on Wedding Photography and I bet you never would have thought of #3

Your wedding will go down in history as one of the most beautiful days of your life. All of your favourite people come together in one place to celebrate your new life and family. Your wedding photographs will grow more valuable as time passes, so you really should only trust an experienced, professional photographer. Here are a few ways to help make sure you get the most of your photography budget – without sacrificing quality.


1. Skip the hair and make-up photos. The “getting ready” photos are really important…but here’s a secret: the best photos are taken once you put your dress on! That’s when emotions run high…your girls and mom see you for the first time. The photos of the final touches are always the best, and they all happen within the last half hour of you getting ready. Don’t pay for hours of getting ready photos – a half hour to 45 minutes before you leave the house is lots of time!



2. Coverage over Products. Hire the photographer you love, but be patient when it comes to the products. Spend your photography budget on making sure the memories are captured, and then come back to order your albums and canvases once life has settled a bit.


3. Choose your venue wisely! A carefully chosen venue can often save you hundreds of dollars on photography. If a venue can accommodate getting ready, ceremony, photos and reception – this means you eliminate all the travel time for your photographer  – not to mention removing travel-related stress for you and your wedding party



4. Fake the Cake! If you don’t have the budget to have your photographer stay all night, you can fake the cake shot at the beginning of the reception. Or another option is to make a grand entrance into your reception with your first dance and then cut your cake for real! By scheduling these traditional photos earlier in the evening, you can often save yourself a few hundred dollars (or more!) in photography coverage. lauren-brendan-7411-2

5. Use a Professional. A professional photographer works much more efficiently then an amateur and can get the photos you want quickly, saving you time to do what you really want to: celebrate with your friends and family! The family photos typically will take a pro less then 10 minutes to shoot (Saving you $$$ on coverage) whereas a less-experienced photographer may need up to an hour to work through all the set-ups.



Melissa Welsh is an Accredited Professional Photographer located in Victoria, BC. She was awarded the 2013 Best Wedding Album in British Columbia and has been shooting weddings for 16 years. Please see more of her work at melissawelshphotography.com

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Melissa Welsh is a National-Award Winning Master Photographer located in Nelson, BC. 

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