A modern and classy twist on the stagette.

I know a lot of brides that cringe when thinking about their stagette. Bar hopping while drinking out of straws shaped like male genitalia is just a little overdone to say the least. And in this case, my beautiful bride Janine for this weekends wedding, just happens to be marrying Allison, the other beautiful bride…so a traditional stagette wasn’t going to cut it! Janine had an idea to do a fun photo session and gave me a call to see I would be interested. Each lady was in charge of their wardrobe and then worked with their make-up artist to come up with a look that suited their outfit and how they were feeling that night. The venue was a fantastic condo on Beach Ave in Vancouver, and once the girls were all dolled up, they would hang out with me while I grabbed a few shots. Here’s are a few highlights from the session.

Special thanks to Holly Hall, Karen Fekete and Teresa Coe, our amazing MUAs!


Melissa Welsh is a National-Award Winning Master Photographer located in Nelson, BC. 

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