Apples & Hazelnuts

This past march when we came to visit Nelson, I spent a couple of hours pruning these apple trees. It was rainy and cold…but I was so damn happy, I actually cried. I love my backyard. I love climbing the trees and looking out over the mountains. It can be pretty overwhelming at times (weeding the never-ending gardens that mother nature is trying to reclaim)…but the time we spend hiking in the back, rolling wood down the mountain and pickin’ berries and fruit makes it all worth it.

Lately, we’ve been collecting apples, hazelnuts and OMG more apples!


OMG Apples!

It’s an apple pickin’ party!

You caught me!

Check these out!


More hazelnuts!

Sorry squirrels!

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Melissa Welsh is a National-Award Winning Master Photographer located in Nelson, BC. 

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