Artist Spotlight: Martina Edmondson

Here at Melissa Welsh Photography, we have the pleasure of working with a range of professionals and individuals who are making incredible impacts in their fields. Melissa recently worked with local artist Martina Edmondson and her mixed media works to capture the best of each piece.

Martina Edmondson, AOCAD (Hons.)

Martina Edmondson studied Material Art and Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design with an emphasis on Fibre. Her work has been in invitational and juried shows across Canada and in Cheongju, Korea. She has been a recipient of Exhibition Assistance Grants from Ontario Arts Council and several awards in juried shows.


h: 70″ w: 24″ d: 5″ (detail below)

What discipline do you primarily work in?
Mostly I work in mixed media – 2D and 3D.

How does you work contribute to the local, or global community? Does it seek to address specific topics or dialogues? 
By connecting through my assemblages, collages and book works, stories are conveyed and shared with the broader community. Like an archeologist, sifting through bits and pieces of nature’s treasured collected from different places, vignettes are created as assemblages or on pages and bound into books where their individual stories combine to for larger narratives that are then honoured and preserved.
What makes your practice unique? 
I work mostly intuitive, experiencing the process of making as a journey,
much like life; you don’t always know what lies around the corner. Usually at the start of a project I have no idea what the finished work will look like. Much depends on: my mind space, various materials collected, which box of gathered materials I open in the studio, and, when the urge to create something new occurs. It takes a long time to look at things in nature, objects, Martina-046relationships, what is said what is left unsaid – it all adds up and, hopefully, in the end of it all comes together. The techniques I ultimately use will flow out of all these combined elements.
What stood out the most while working with Melissa in the studio?
Melissa paid meticulous attention to detail and background. Her unhurried professionalism and creative suggestions were appreciated.
What do you love most about living and creating in Victoria?
Its flora and fauna, the weather, the people.
What is your favourite local business? Art Ink Print

Scroll down to view more images from the photo shoot! If you would like to contact Martina regarding her artistic practice and pieces, contact her at:








h: 12.5″ w: 4.5″ d: 2″



h: 4.5″ w: 12.5″ d: 2″


h: 60″ w: 25″ d: 5″ (detail below)


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