Chantelle and Brent’s engagement session

Chantelle and Brent really, really like each other.  Take that and the fact they are a ton of fun – and you have a recipe for a great engagement session!  I had the pleasure of finally getting to meet these two today in my studio – and to my delight they were full of laughs and great energy.  After a fabulous chat about their October wedding plans, we decided to start our photo session off at one of the many groovy coffee shop’s in town.  The weather wasn’t exactly
fabulous today, so we spent most of our time inside – but luckily these two were up for anything. I was especially happy to hear when they didn’t mind climbing up the side of one of the rail cars for a shot I had in mind. 

Todays first for the day – laying on top of a train…can’t say I’ve done that before! 


Melissa Welsh is a National-Award Winning Master Photographer located in Nelson, BC. 

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