Awards & Honours

Melissa regularly has photographs accepted and exhibited in the Provincial and National Image Salon of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). These are judged by a panel of master photographers from across the province and/or country. Acceptance into the salon is an indication of the photographer’s ability to produce outstanding images for their clientele. It also earns the photographer merits toward several designations offered to PPOC members, including the Masters and Craftsman of Photographic Arts.

Past honours include winning “Best Industrial Photograph in Canada”, “Best Pictorial Photograph in Canada”,  “Best Wedding Album in BC”  and being a finalist for “BC Photographer of the Year”.

2018 – Received the Masters of Photographic Arts (MPA) Designation from the Professional Photographers of Canada

2018 – PPOC National Salon

The Valley Reveals – Merit

My Playground – Merit

2017 – Received the Craftsman of Photographic Arts (CPA) Designation from the Professional Photographers of Canada

2017 – PPOC BC Salon

My Playground – Excellence – Best Child Portrait in BC
The Path of Giants – Accepted
The Valley Reveals – Merit

2017 – PPOC National Salon

And Now Starring THE MILKY WAY – Accepted
Our Peaceful Parade – Merit
Outside In – Accepted

2016 PPOC National Salon

Spray it Don’t Say it – Merit – Best Industrial Photograph in Canada
Break time at the Studio – Accepted

2015 – PPOC BC Salon

Spray it Don’t Say it – Accepted – Best Industrial Photograph in BC 
Dark side of the Nude – Accepted

2015 – PPOC National Salon
Breaking the Rules – Accepted
The Day is Near – Accepted
A Sailor’s Dream – Accepted

2014 – PPOC-BC Salon
I Will Follow You  –  Accepted – Honourable Mention
Weathered Roots – Merit
Slice of Heaven – Accepted

2013 – PPOC Salon
Wishing for Wind – Excellence – Best Pictorial Photograph in Canada, Accepted into the PPOC 2013 Loan Collection (one of 18 images that went on to represent Canada at the World Photographic Cup)
About to tie the knot – Accepted
Rocky Mountain Wedding– Accepted

2013 – PPOC-BC Salon
Rocky Mountain Wedding – Accepted – Best Wedding Album in BC
Wishing for Wind – Excellence
This is my Rock Face – Accepted

2012 – PPOC-BC Salon
Local Colour in New England – Accepted

Dune Riding –  Merit
Being Dressed – Accepted
Train Hopping  – Accepted
Detroit Rock City – Accepted