Roadtrip and Cruise to Mexico

Last week I had the pleasure of joining my entire family on a cruise
to Mexico. We drove down to San Diego (two very long days in the car!),
hopped on the ship and spent 6 days traveling to Mexico and back.
Although the trip had more of a relaxing flavour – we still managed to
find a bit of adventure here and there. Here are some of the highlights…


Cabo San Lucas. A little over the top touristy for me. So, we went to do some exploring…


Who knew you could have so much fun on a lifeguard lookout?

I set the timer and held the camera with my barefeet for this photo. I was impressed with myself!

Found a decrepit old building. They’re always good for a photo or two.

La Paz. Must less touristy. Nice to hang out in a town with so much
character. I wish we would have spent a few days here. Notice there’s no
one on the beach???

Killing some time waiting for the bus back to the cruise. You’ll notice that SPF 60 I’ve got on, really works!!

My whole family. Damn we look good!

We decided to take the long way home along the coast. Unfortunately due
to a number of landslides, we didn’t get to drive the entire coastal
highway…but got to see enough to want to do it again. This was taken in
Northern California.

How could you not stop in Redwood National Park?  We didn’t have a
ton of time here, but managed to get out for a quick little trail walk
and see some massive trees. I like trees.

The Southern Oregon Coast. The camping along the coastal highway is
phenomenal. I can’t wait to spend more time and scope out the best



Melissa Welsh is a National-Award Winning Master Photographer located in Nelson, BC. 

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