Wedding Photo Adventure on Idaho Peak – Tim & Rajeeta

This is probably one of the most stunning photography opportunities I have ever had. When Tim and Rajeeta came to me last winter to discuss their wedding, they asked if I would consider doing some of their wedding photos before the wedding…on top of Idaho Peak. I have been daydreaming for years about a couple wild enough to hike up there for me – so needless to say…I was thrilled!

There were going to be some logistics to work out. If we were going to shoot up there, it had to be during the magic hours…which was either first thing in the morning or late in the evening. I looked at when the sunset in August and then backtracked our timeline. I figured our magic hour would be between 7pm and 8pm, minus our 40 minute hike in, minus the two hour drive from town….

So, Tim picked me up at 3:20. We picked Rajeeta up at 3:30 from Found Spa in Nelson and were on the road by 4pm. My adrenaline was pumping as we drove the windy road along Kootenay Lake to New Denver. I was hoping I had nailed the time-line correctly…because it would suck to get all the way up there and have no light…or worse, it was actually supposed to rain that day! Tim got us to the parking lot by 6pm as planned. I loaded up with my camera gear and they loaded up with their wedding attire & champagne.

We hit the trail at a quick pace. I was worried about losing light. I could see how high the sun was above the mountains, but I really didn’t know how quickly the it would set. We made it to the peak in 25 minutes! Rajeeta and Tim got dressed and I began to shoot by 6:38.

The light was amazing. I was high with a photo buzz…which lasted a good hour and a half.

I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story. But first, I need to thank Tim and Rajeeta for being so incredible to work with. These two are so fun and adventurous and really…who hikes their Vera Wang wedding dress to the top of a mountain and doesn’t care if she gets it dirty! (Mostly because she new she had time to get it cleaned before her wedding…but still!) I loved every second of this session. Thank you both for being so fun and awesome!

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