3 reasons why you should consider a fine-art wedding session

You want stunning photographs of the two of you that reflect this amazing time in your life…so who says they need to happen on your wedding day? A wedding art session is a custom designed photo session that happens pre or post wedding. Here’s 3 reasons to consider it!


1. You can choose your dream location! Many of us plan our weddings with our guests in mind. Even though we’d love to get married on the beach or on a mountain top, our favorite locations are not always accessible or practical for a wedding. A wedding art session allows you to dream big and choose your all-time favorite place to hang out.

2. Get the best light! The traditional wedding format usually allocates time for the photo session when the sun is high in the sky and really harsh. The magic hour (the hour before sunset), happens right when you and your guests are eating dinner! A wedding art session allows us to choose the perfect time of day to shoot, so that we can truly create some magic in your photos.

3. You don’t have to leave your guests during the wedding day. Instead of taking off for a couple of hours to go and do photos, you can spend that time with the people that travelled so far to hang out with you! Less formals = more candids!



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Melissa Welsh is a National-Award Winning Master Photographer located in Nelson, BC. 

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